Pierre-Marie Allard

Pierre-Marie Allard

EMI Initiator

University of Fribourg

Pierre-Marie Allard launched the COMMONS Lab at the Department of Biology of the University of Fribourg in 2021. He is also head of the Metabolomics Platform of the Department. His research interests focus on natural products, from their discovery to their structural elucidation, from the study of their uses by humans across the world to the understanding of their roles in the biosphere. The COMMONS Lab is dedicated to the exploration and establishment of novel knowledge management solutions (from knowledge acquisition to knowledge organization and knowledge dissemination) in the field of natural products. Here, computational metabolomics outputs and relevant metadata are transformed in and combined to Linked Open Data and handled via semantic web technologies. The lab is strongly committed to follow the Open Science ideals.

  • Natural Products Chemistry
  • Computational Metabolomics
  • Linked Open Data
  • Open Science
  • PhD in Natural Products Chemistry, 2011

    Institut de Chimie des Substances Naturelles - CNRS, France

  • MSc in Valuation of Natural Ressources, 2008

    Université de la Réunion, France